SAI Accreditation Program

Sugar Arts Institute Mission and Background:
The Sugar Arts Institute’s mission is to advance the global workforce in confectionery arts,
by providing the standard framework for quality learning and development through accreditation.

SAI works with experts in the confectionery arts and cake decorating industry to help continuing education and training providers to develop a framework for continuous improvement and a superior learning experience.

Competitive Advantage for Instructors:
When an instructor or organization becomes an accredited SAI provider, they develop a competitive edge. With SAI continuing education, training and accreditation, you can show the world that your training is committed to the best and most updated practices in sugar arts and cake decorating learning and professional training. This shows that you have successfully mastered SAI’s rigorous and streamlined accreditation process. Through SAI’s workshop programs, webinars and study units, homework assignments and downloadable printed matter, students will foster high standards of workmanship to achieve an accreditation to be proud of.

Our belief is that our member organizations can fully recognized by their students, for what they are - an elite group of accredited instructors providing high quality continuing education in these mediums of specialized edible art.

In addition to professional classes, Sugar Arts Institute offers classes for the enthusiastic hobbyist and kids classes too.  They are informative and fun!

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Chef Julie Bashore CMC

Master Confectioner

Sugar Arts is our passion!