How To Make Gelatin Sequins

Supplies needed:

  • unflavored gelatin

  • water

  • airbrush color

  • measuring spoons

  • small spatula

  • 2 hole punchers :1- 1/16 round hole and 1- regular size individual hole punch

  • toothpick

  • acetate sheet (or something that won't melt or bow from the heat of the gelatin)

  • microwave safe container


    The gelatin to water ratio is 2 parts water to 1 part gelatin.

    Put the water in the cup first and then add the gelatin. If you don't you will end up with dry bits of gelatin at the bottom of the cup. Let the gelatin bloom.

    After it blooms, put it in the microwave for approximately 30 seconds. Depending on the wattage of your microwave. Be sure to watch it, especially if you are using a small cup. If it overflows, clean it with hot water!!

    After it comes from the microwave it will have foam on the top of the gelatin.

    You are going to let it sit until the foam is thick enough for you to skim it off of the top. Here is where the toothpick comes in (if you don't want to use a toothpick use a disposable spoon). You are going to take your toothpick and pull off the foam from the top and throw it in the trash. Once you do that your gelatin will be clarified.

    Use airbrush color because of it is liquid characteristics. It blends better into the gelatin. Paste color can be used but it takes a lot more effort to get the color incorporated. Use less color for more transparency and more if you want it more opaque.

    Stir in your color with a toothpick. After adding the color, put your gelatin back in the microwave for no more than 30 seconds.

    Pour it out on your acetate sheet (or clear plastic sheet) and use your spatula to spread it out. Don't spend too much time spreading it out because it sets up in less than 2 min.

    You don't want it too thin (it will be too flimsy to punch out) and you don't want it too thick (it will crack when you punch it out). IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE PERFECTLY EVEN!!! You will notice that it will become ripply but that is ok.

    Set it aside and it usually takes about 5-6 hrs to dry but that depends on your humidity. As it dries it pulls away from the acetate. I let mine sit over night. When it is dry it will pull away from the sheet.

    Here is the secret to it all...the hole punchers!!!!

    The hole punchers can be found at Michael's or Hobby Lobby. The ones that I used are the regular hole punch and 1/16 circular punch.

    Take your small hole puncher and punch a series of holes in a line leaving a space between each small hole so that when you go back to use your "regular" sized puncher you won't overlap wasting your punches.

    Once you have done your small punches go back and center the small hole against your "regular" sized single hole puncher....

    Now comes the best part, open up the holder and release the sequins.

    For these, I added silver airbrush color and silver luster dust. The effect was perfect.