Adrienne Longhitano

Culinary Art Teacher/Instructor
Adrienne has taught various aspects of Pastry and Confectionary Arts for over 20 years, while working full time as a Quality Assurance Engineer in a major telecommunications company.
In January, 2005, Adrienne took a full time position as Pastry Chef Instructor at the Culinary Education Center in Asbury Park, NJ. From the beginning of her tenure at the school, Adrienne assumed responsibility for the continuing development of the Pastry Arts Curriculum.
Adrienne has received many honors in the Pastry Arts Field. Most recently, she was invited to join a team of eight Pastry Chefs in the Tri-State Area to design a 90th birthday cake for Chef Albert Kumin, the White House Pastry Chef under President Jimmy Carter. Her work has also been featured in the Asbury Park Press, Woman’s World Magazine, and Dessert Professional Magazine.

Dawn Parrott

Award Winning Royal Icing Queen
Dawn Parrott is a certified Pastry Chef and accomplished award winning cake designer living in Houston TX. Her inspiration came at a young age when she watched her dad make incredible cakes for family and friends. Dawn has won awards around the country and teaches sugar arts at the highest level.

In 2010 Dawn earned the title master sugar artist by placing 5th at the Tulsa Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show (OSSAS) in the Wedding division. Her award winning designs have been featured numerous times in different cake, baking magazines and books across the US and Internationally. Dawn has appeared on television The Food Network Challenge in 2009 and 2010 called Paranormal Cakes and Stand Up Comedy Cakes. Dawn’s favorite medium is working with royal icing.

Laura Alvarez

Since I was a young girl I have interest on hand crafts from painting, ceramic to needle and decoration. When I got married and moved to USA I started baking and decorating cakes for my daughters, neither to say I started challenge myself to create unique cakes and then I discovered my new talent.

I started learning the basics with Wilton; later add more knowledge with well-known international instructors like Lorraine Mac-Kay, Sharon Zambito, Debbie Brown, Linda Smith and others.

Pastry Delight was born to offer our customers affordable and unique cakes. One of first orders was a truck, with no idea how to make it; I learned to carve a cake and create bases to hold my creation, customer was so happy and the word started going out. Other challenge was a car, but the customer concern was no only its shape, but the color of the famous Ford Mustang Mystic blue/green. This customer requested the color of the car change as you turning looking blue but when you move it change into a green looking color; I step to the challenge and succeed, it was a hit, I placed a video in YouTube with around 30.000 views, the request for a tutorial started coming and I created my first tutorial: “How to make a 3D sport car cake”.

In order to satisfy my costumer’s needs, I started to model figurines. I had requests for classes and soon more tutorials: “How to make a Fantasy Horse”, “How to make an Easter Bunny”, “How to make a Smurf”. These tutorials are a PDF document and selling on-line, in this way people around the world, like South Africa, London, USA, Japan and more countries, have had access to them.
Also a few articles for E-How. “How to decorate a Easter Cake”, “How to make edible glue”, “How to save time cleaning your decorating bag”
My skills as a teacher appeared, so I became a Wilton Method Instructor at Hobby Lobby Store and now as a SAI Instructor. New interesting and fantastic world of teaching and learning is coming on.

Emilia Mintz

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Emilia Mintz became interested in the arts at a very young age. She went to school to study Fine Arts becoming an art teacher and later a textile designer. Later on, she found in sugar art another medium to express her creativity and inspiration. She took several courses at the prestigious school of Marta Ballina Sugarcraft and became a Cake decorator Teacher and a Pastry Chef. While living in Argentina, Emilia taught classes under her school "Dulces Clases", while she was also decorating cakes and desserts. When she arrived to the United States in 2002, she was in charge of the fondant decorating department of the distinguished Miami-based Sweet Art by Lucila's store for 7 years. In 2004 she received a gold medal at the Societe Culinaire Philantropique in New York, while in 2006 she won first place for Professionals at the 61st Orchid International Competition. In 2011, Emilia also won first place as "Fondant Artist" in Gelita, Mexico. As an ICES (International Cake Societe) member, she participates as a demonstrator and showcasing her different artworks every year in their conventions. Her passion for teaching and her will to share her knowledge has taken her to different places in the United States and the world. Emilia is also the founder of the Miami Cake Club, an open group specifically dedicated to share and learn more about the sugar world. She believes "Sugar is a medium where you can implement different techniques like sculpting, painting and drawing, and enjoy an aesthetic artwork for the eyes that is simultaneously delicious for the palate". With more than 15 years of experience in teaching, Emilia continues to create different techniques thriving to perfect them to eventually teach them to her students.

Yvette Humbert

Yvette has been a Sugar Artist for 9 years. She holds a degree in Fashion Design from France. She was an international Flight Attendant for 20+ years.
She has won numerous awards in various competitions. She has been teaching cake decorating in the state of Texas for 4 years.
Yvette and her business partner Kim Sanchez formed Amazing Kakes in 2010 and in 2011 doubled their space to include a large, sunny classroom.
Yvette’s passion and enthusiasm for teaching and sharing her knowledge shows in each and every class she teaches.

Nnena Nkwocha

Instructor from Nigeria
I am the onwer of Ice and Satin Confectionery and current country representative of the International Cake Exploration Societe (ICES). I have been a decorator for 12 years, since giving up an 8 year career in banking in 2000. My outfit Ice and Satin is a registered business which combines cake and sugarcraft artistry and courses in patisserie and confectionery with comprehensive wedding consultancy and events management services. We have organized numerous demonstration classes and training courses for cake decorators and sugar artistes in the country. Also under the umbrella of ICES I have fulfilled a dream of an annual cake expo, bringing decorators together from all over Nigeria since 2008 to share developments in the craft.
In line with my vision to build local capacity in confectionery and patisserie, I am in partnership with local and international instructors to organize training programmes. In this regard, our first International Workshop on Patisserie and Confectionery was held from 15th-18th June 2010 and our instructors included Master Chef Ildo Nicollelo of the United Kingdom.
Sugar craft is my passion and I love the opportunity to bring out the creativity in participants of my workshops and courses. I specialise in fully participatory training for small groups or individuals, using simple teaching techniques for easy understanding. My areas of specialisation are in the art of making lifelike gum paste flowers, freehand human modelling and intricate gum paste embroidery for cake side decorations. I currently offer short courses in gumpaste flowers, fondant covering and decorations, freehand modelling for children’s cakes, patterned paste work, basic baking and desserts.

Silvina Barboza

Instructor - Cake Challenge Winner
Silvina is a dynamic, resourceful person with a strong background in Art & Theater instruction. She is a talented sculptor; painter and illustrator which help her translate her creativity & wild imagination into sweet edible pieces of art. She was a committee member & event coordinator of the Garden State Cake Show for 2011/2012. She has also been a sugar artist & instructor at the Silvina Sugar creations in NJ from 2009 – present. Among her accomplishments are the creating of numerous cakes, sugar pieces & chocolate work for events like “Project Ladybug” a charitable organization, “NY Fashion Week”, TV shows like “Jersey Couture”, a chocolate dress for the “New York Chocolate Fashion Show” 2010 & 2011 as chef Vanessa Greely’s team member judge at many cupcake competitions & cake design contests.

Geraldine Kidwell

Cake Decorating Artist
An acknowledged master in the field, Geraldine Kidwell of Kentucky, is internationally renown for her contributions to the culinary arts. She became involved in the world of cakes by creating various confectionery arts for her three children which evolved into a full time designer wedding business known as Artistry In Cake of Kentucky llc.

The desire to learn inspired Geraldine to study extensively under the direct supervision of Marithe de Alvarado of Mexico City. This is where her love for the creative and impossible originated. A charter member of ICES, she has served two terms as the Kentucky State Representative; served on two convention committees; has spent three years on the International Board of Directors; Chairman of the Board and in 2002 she was inducted into the ICES Hall of Fame.

She is a teacher, demonstrator, judge, designer and author. who has written numerous cake decorating articles and instructions including five "how-to" cake decorating books. She has appeared as a judge on the Food Network and she is currently the Co-Director of the 2013 ICES Show and Convention to be held in Lexington, Kentucky.

Susana Martinez

TV Star and Sugar Artist from Mexico City
A native of Mexico City, Susana is the founder and owner of the Bakery and Academy "Casa Susana" in Mexico City. An educator by profession, Susana took various courses in the Sugar Arts starting with her the confectionery Arts in Culinary Schools such as ASPIC and ESDAI in Mexico. Susana was introduced to fondant through a great Mexican teacher and her deep interest in revolutionizing the art of traditional cake decorating in her country led her to train abroad with renowned teachers & cake decorators such as Julie Bashore , Kathleen Lange, Colette Peters, Ruth Rickie, Norman Davis, Michelle Bommarito, Nicholas Lodge, Marina Sousa, Kathy Scott, James Rousell and Tammy Utley.
She is a proud Sponsor, representative and Instructor for Mexico and Ambassador for Latin America of the SAI (SUGAR Arts Institute.)
She is an Instructor authorized to represent & sell in Mexico, trademarks such as Wilton, Sugar Veil and Satin Ice.
Step by step she augmented her knowledge and creativity in cake design, creating wonderful cakes which caught the attention of major media and television programs which have written articles relating to trends in cakes. In addition to creating cakes for the cast of programs as important as “ Venga la Alegría” ,” Hechos AM” ,” Cosas de la vida” and “Al Extremo”, all of them in Mexico, Susana has made cakes for different celebrities for their personal festivities and celebrations.
She is well known in her country and has several and has been interviewed by several media moguls such as, Newspapers, Culinary Magazines, Television and Social Media.
Belonging to international organizations in the field of pastry such as ICES and Cake Camp in which she participated with cakes at each Convention to always put up the name of Mexico, Susana’s enthusiastic approach to cake decorating & the advancement of the Art has made her a perfect candidate for SAI.
Susana recently conducted a Huichol design (in cake of course), for the 15th anniversary of the Great International Design Pineda Covalín . Design proudly Mexican.

Jennifer Dontz

Instructor in awesome Sugar Flowers
Jennifer Dontz is an ICES approved instructor and has over 38 years of experience in the cake baking industry. At the age of 13, Jennifer began to teach herself how to bake and decorate cakes. This love for cake decorating inspired Jennifer to open her own cake business named “Sugar Delites.” After several successful years of baking cakes, Jennifer decided to share her abilities by teaching various techniques by the means of classes and DVD’s. Jennifer has taught classes worldwide, which generally focus on sugar flowers. Her floral background has given her the ability to create the most realistic flowers possible. Through teaching sugar flowers, this is how the Sugar Delites online store was born. Jennifer knew that students from her classes and DVD’s would like to own the actual products that were used by her. Sugar Delites has since grown into a one stop shop for sugar artists from all over the world.

Jennifer was born and resides in Manistee, MI. She has been married to her husband Jeff for over 25 years, which has resulted in two children, Joe and Jason. Jennifer’s passion for sugar art is evident through her classes, DVD’s, products, and cakes. Jennifer is always willing share her skills with fellow sugar artists. She says that “anyone can do this, regardless of skill level; come join the fun!”

Jennifer's work has been featured in numerous magazines, such as "Here Comes The Cake," "Northern Michigan Wedding and Event," "Women's Lifestyle," and "The Knot – Michigan." Jennifer was also featured on the cover of ICES monthly publication. In 2007, Jennifer was chosen to be a cake designer for the nationally published “John Henry Floral Book.” She also designed the cakes for the 2009 “BloomNet” book. BloomNet is an affiliate of 1-800 Flowers. Jennifer has made two appearances on TLC’s “Ultimate Cake Off,” helping her teammates to one victory.

Rita Llanso

My name is Rita Llanso. I am originally from Williamsburg, Va. Growing up in a Colonial tourist town, I managed to acquire many unusual skills. Things like simple blacksmithing, spinning wool into yarn, sand casting bronze, cooking over an open hearth, candle making and sheering sheep. While none of these has turned into a specific career, some of the techniques learned have helped me to be creative and artistic with a different style and flair. I know this is part of the reason Sugar Arts Institute hand picked me as an instructor. My work is unique and of a high standard. Together with SAI, my goal is to share my skills and unique creativity, with 100% enthusiasm. I am excited at having the opportunity to teach new students!

I inherited my father's artistic nature. As a child I loved to draw animals and plants and is still today, this is my favorite subject. I have enjoyed artistry in many different mediums, including painting, drawing and pet portraits. I spent two years as an engraver, three years doing ceramics and a couple of years making jewelry. Also, there were a couple years when I did Biological Illustration. Last but not least, I finally tried cake decorating. I caught the bug!

I found that decorating cakes in a grocery store restrictive artistically, however if was a great lesson for building up speed and uniformity. This was not enough for me, I wanted the freedom to create cakes using my artistic skills to create fancy cakes. This I did at home, often working through the night unaware of the time because I was immersed in a project I loved. Much of what I know about cake decorating is self taught. My work is completely original and won't resemble anyone else's work in character and design, which is an attribute in this competitive field, both for retailing cakes and creating cakes for competitions.

I have worked for a small and privately owned bakery named, Touche Touchet, for roughly five and a half years. They specialize in fancy and unusual custom cakes. My boss, Michael Touchet, gave me a lot of creative freedom. He also encouraged me to compete in various cake decorating competitions. In the past four years, I have entered seven competitions which include The Pillsbury and RBA Nationals, The Great American Cake Show in Westminster, Md. and the Capitol Area Show in Annendale, Va. My awards include four grand prize cakes, three best of division cookie awards, two best of division cake awards and a Pillsbury National Grand Champion award. I am currently still working part time at the bakery training new cake decorators and sugar artists to takeover when I leave the bakery to become a full time Sugar Arts Institute professional instructor. I am excited at traveling the world and meeting new students!

Not only will I teach you some amazingly effective and realistic techniques, I will share my experiences as a professional decorator, to work efficiently and quickly with ease, while while being creative and artistic. The short cuts I have learned over the years have held me in good stead and I am excited about sharing whole heartedly, my secrets of success and tricks of the trade.

So take your skills to a new level in a class that is fun and creative. And, this class is an SAI accredited class, for those of you who want to achieve degrees in Sugar Arts. For the hobbyists who are in it just for the fun, you'll enjoy learning new skills and taking you cake artistry to a higher level of expertise.

Julie Bashore

Founder SAI - Master Confectioner - Cake Challenge Winner
Julie Bashore, Master Confectioner, is a native of England who has an award winning, thirty-year background in Culinary and Confectionery Arts. Julie has taught courses and demonstrated at expositions in England, Ireland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Mexico, USA, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Costa Rica and Vietnam.
Julie studied at Le Cordon Bleu in Salisbury Rhodesia; studied and taught at Fabilo International School of Confection in Lucerne, Switzerland; was accredited to the Swiss Chef’s Association and taught at Butler’s Wharf Chef’s School in London, England.
Julie has worked extensively throughout the United States creating cake programmes and training cake decorators at in-store, retail and specialised bakeries. Julie has written numerous articles for Modern Baking, American Cake Decorating and for the Retail Bakers Association of America.
Julie Bashore founded Epicurean Cuisine a catering business and culinary arts school in Harare, Zimbabwe.
Julie catered for Embassies, High Commissions and functions up to 3000 people. Julie also founded The House of Clarendon in Lancaster Pa. a bakery specialising in custom designed Rolled Fondant wedding and special occasion cakes using traditional, contemporary and lovingly funky designs.
In addition to the bakery, Julie hosted a traditional English Tea Parlour serving a wide variety of eclectic savouries, pastries and miniature desserts.
Combining her artistic skills and business acumen, Julie Bashore’s teaching focuses on melding together artistic cake decorating, sugar-art skills and simplified, time-saving techniques essential for successful production and profitability.